Physics and Car safety
More on car collisions and Impulse

Impulse is measured as the product of force and time in which that force acts on an object. Impulse is also the difference in momentum and is given the symbol J. 
In a collision the change in momentum can not be changed therefore the impulse can not be changed. However the idea of impulse can be used to reduce the force upon impact. 
You saw how technology has allowed scientists to work with airbags to prevent injury in collisions with reference to impulse. There is another way that cars were improved using the idea of impulse called Crumple Zones.

Source:Google images

Source:Google images

Crumple Zones
The front and back ends of the car have now been made into crumple zones. The idea is to increase the amount of time that the force during the collision is acting on the car. The reason that the time must increase is so the force can act over a longer period of time reducing the force when it gets the centre of the car where the driver and passengers are. Crumple zones help prevent some damage and injuries that could occur otherwise.

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